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Classic Concrete is a general contracting company which specializes in hardscaping and decorative concrete. We serve all of Southern and Central New England. From inception to completion, our artisans custom design and create magnificently functional upgrades to your home or business

*All Types of Construction: Our masonry customers also use Classic Concrete services for their complete construction needs. As our realm of expertise 

        encompasses all types of construction, from residential to broad commercial projects, this affords our clients seamless project management and

        performance by their established, trusted provider. 

*Our Specialties: We customize driveways, pool decks, patios, walkways, outdoor fireplaces, stone walls,  and more

*Quality Materials:  All of our masonry materials are procured from the finest New England sources. We install stone, brick, slate and all types of concrete

      flatwork, using carefully considered formulas of product provided by our most "tried and true" concrete suppliers. For decorative concrete, we deal 

    exclusively with Stampcrete materials. They are of exceptional quality and durability and offer our clients an excellent selection of colors, patterns,and textures.

Please visit our Galleries page and visualize how we can transform the look and use  of your space.

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